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#34 - Make Someone's Day


Welcome to Sum up Sunday. A weekly update of my thoughts, feelings and experiences for the past week. Enjoy.

You may have guessed it, this week was pretty much the same as the last 7/8 weeks. Sure we might have been a bit luckier with the weather and spent some more time outside than weeks previous, but life still isn't all that wild and when one of the highlights of the week is a bowl of cereal, you know not much is happening.

One thing I've noticed more and more is our inability to say hello, nod, or even acknowledge another member of the public when out and about.

I understand that the British are a miserable bunch and these restrictions have separated us even further apart, but it seems so foreign now to even look up when someone is passing us by.

I feel lucky that my son is at an age where he doesn't understand what's going on in the world and he has no filter. In fact, in his world, whenever we leave the house, he thinks that everyone is there to see him and watch him perform. I honestly have no idea where he gets it from.

When someone comes within ten meters of him, he usually points says "Hello, What's your name?"

Most people engage with him and get a smile out of it, but there are some people that will just ignore him and some who react as if he's a rabid dog barking at them and scurry off as quickly as possible.

Maybe going straight in there with "What's your name?" is a little intense and I should get him to chill out a bit, but I've noticed people walking around with blinkers on more and more.

Growing up, it was common courtesy to give the classic "Morning", "Hiya" "Good afternoon" chat, or that no teeth all cheek smile you do when you want to appear friendly, or even just a head nod with a bit of eye contact.

I'm not saying this doesn't happen anymore, I'm just way more aware of people walking past as if I wasn't there and if you didn't know by now, I'm a sensitive little soul. I can't help but think it's because of the pandemic.

Am I the only one that's noticed this or is this something you guys have seen happening more often?

Whatever your answer to that question is, I'd like you to try and say hi to one more person than you normally would this week, you never know what someone is going through and I think a little smile or a hello can make the world of difference.

This week's recommendations

Ardy's Hour 7/52 has all sorts on there. Please give the playlist a follow so you can be kept up to date throughout the year.

Instagram page I've been enjoying - @brightonphotographygallery

My best mates brother takes these and they're stupidly good. see for yourself.

Video to watch - 58.8m High Dive World Record

I almost broke my computer with the sweat coming from my hands watching this video. No idea why you'd want to give this a go.

I hope you've all had a lovely week. If not, that's ok. Life isn't perfect at the moment and so many of us are facing struggles we never even imagined. Have faith that this storm will eventually pass and we will all get to hug each other once again. Unless of course, you're not a hugger then we can fist bump.

Ardy's will remain closed until further notice. Please sit tight and grow those beautiful locks, hopefully, it won't be too long.

Just because I'm not cutting, doesn't mean I'm not here to listen. send me a message if you need anything. I'll help in any way I can.

Lots of love, Ardy x

P.S. Please feel free to forward this message to anyone who you think may need to see it.

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